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  1. Barolo Bricat 2007

    Barolo Bricat 2007

    -Manzone Giovanni- Shipping in 4 days

    Special Price: 34,00 €

    A great and refined Barolo; for those who love measure, not dimension. Large, strong and persistent. Notes rich in blackberry, blueberry, walnut and chocolate. Learn More

  2. Barolo Castelletto 2007

    Barolo Castelletto 2007

    -Manzone Giovanni- Shipping in 14 days

    Special Price: 27,73 €

    Great and refined Barolo. Elegant and intense, with notes of raspberry preserve, soft fruit and tobacco. Warm, pleasant, with great tannic balance and flavour. Learn More

  3. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2012

    Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2012

    -Farnese- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 6,00 €

    Wine with a great quality/price ratio. Intense scent, quite persistent. A full-bodied wine, rightly tannic and well-balanced, quite intense and persistent Learn More

  4. Sagrantino di Montefalco 2007

    Sagrantino di Montefalco 2007

    -Antonelli San Marco- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 20,00 €

    Characterized by elegant fruity tones with notes of blackberry and plum and thin scents of sweet wood. On the palate it is elegant and warm with red fruit and refined tannins in the end. Learn More

  5. Contrario 2009

    Contrario 2009

    -Antonelli San Marco- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 13,00 €

    Original! A new way to interpret the Sagratino grapes, grown and made into wine in order to obtain an enjoyable wine since young, fresher and easy to drink. Learn More

  6. Barbera d'Alba 2010

    Barbera d'Alba 2010

    -Manzone Giovanni- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 11,00 €

    A deep ruby-red Barbera with a purple hint. Large, clear and fruity perfume with sensations of currant and plum. Warm and strong flavour. Good acidity-extract balance and great persistence. Learn More

  7. Dolcetto d'Alba la Serra 2010

    Dolcetto d'Alba la Serra 2010

    -Manzone Giovanni- Shipping in 7 days

    Special Price: 9,50 €

    A Dolcetto derived from Le Ciliegie vineyard in Monforte d’Alba, Langhe. Intense scent. Strong, warm, very persistent flavour. Sweet end with tannin and fruit. Learn More

  8. Langhe Nebbiolo Il Crutin 2009

    Langhe Nebbiolo Il Crutin 2009

    -Manzone Giovanni- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 11,50 €

    From the Nebbiolo vine, the base of a lot of noble wines of Piedmont, originates - from the vineyard called Gramolere in Monforte d’Alba, Langhe – this great Langhe Nebbiolo. Learn More

  9. Edizione 12 Cinque Autoctoni

    Edizione 12 Cinque Autoctoni

    -Farnese- Shipping in 48 hours

    Special Price: 24,00 €

    dimensione bottiglia: 0,75/1,5/3

    A wine showing how a great wine can be made from the huge heritage of native vines. A blend that turns into a dark but bright ruby-red in the wine glass. Learn More

  10. Merlot 2011

    Merlot 2011

    -Elena Walch-

    Special Price: 9,20 €

    Deep ruby-red colour with pleasant scents of red-berry fruit. Large bouquet with dense tannins, full-bodied and well-rounded wine, in the mouth it is pleasant to drink and well structured. Learn More

  11. Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon


    Special Price: 8,20 €

    Ruby-red with a violet nuance, very intense bouquet from which sensations of pepper, spices and a seductive red-fruity scent arise. Great structure with evident but mellow tannins. Long and persistent end. Learn More

  12. Merlot IGP

    Merlot IGP


    Special Price: 9,00 €

    Deep ruby-red, full bouquet with floral tones of violets and fruity scent reminding of red-berry fruit. On the palate the impact is warm and mellow, the end in remarkably long and rich in sensations. Learn More

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    Negroamaro Otre Fish 2012

    Negroamaro Otre Fish 2012

    -Cantine Teanum-

    Special Price: 7,15 €

    Delicate and prolonged typical scents of spices, cloves and a different wine-making provide freshness, mellowness and harmony that make a great fish-wine out of it. Learn More


There are 13 products.