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  • Antonelli San Marco

    Antonelli San Marco is a winery of 170 hectares in a unique corpus at the centre of theMontefalco DOCG area with a great history behind, a great bequeathed passion for this territory and a great care for the products’ quality. For years it has gone through a route of continuous research and improvement until the bottle according to a style aimed at typicality and balance, drinkability and elegance more than at power,with delicate extractions and a moderate use of the wood.

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  • Azienda Agricola Gatti Piero

    The Gatti Piero farm was founded in 1988 by Piero Gatti. At the beginning, a small number of bottles, only Muscat, was produced. Then, through the years the production increased and another wine was introduced: the Brachetto. In 2000, unfortunately Piero Gatti died in an accident in cellar and his wife Rita decided to go on with Piero’s project, keeping producing wines of quality. After some years even the daughter Barbara becomes part of the farm, once she finished her studies. 

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  • Broglia

    The Broglia wine farm, founded by Bruno Broglia, goes on with a ultramillenial tradition that presently is continue with commitment and passion by his sons Gian Piero and Paolo. The Meirana has extends for  100 hectares of which 63 under Cortese vine and 2 under black-berry vines. The planting system is the traditional “Guyot”. The name “Meirana” is linked to the history of Gavi, in fact one of the first documents that refer to the name Gavi is in the State Archive of Genoa and talks about vineyards and chestnut groves in Meirana.

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  • Buon Gustoo

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  • Cantine Teanum

    The Teanum cellars are altogether a young and ambitious project, expression of a farm endowed with a mix of modern technologies and young and dynamic businessmen of a long-time oenological experience of international level. Innovative spirit and respect for the territorial tradition are a constant commitment for the Teanum cellars, in order not only to safeguard the patrimony of tradition, culture, taste and style, essence of our lands but especially to honour the farm’s mission: the production of high-profile wines showing the world the deep emotions that they inimitably convey.

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  • Cilento & Tradizione

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  • Colvendrà

    Colvendrà originated at the beginning of the 20th century, rooting in the wine traditions of our land, Veneto. Indeed, since 1924 Leonardo della Colletta, enhancing the value of an ancient family tradition, started wine-producing journey in the heart of Veneto at the centre of the area of Conegliano Valdobbiadene where verdant vineyards  meet sunny hills and where man’s work makes prolific a tradition become style. Our farm produces 3000 quintals of annual grape-harvest and works with modern oenological structures. 

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  • Elena Walch

    Welcome to my wines’ world

    I was happy to become part of the family owning one of the most prestigious farms in the region, right at the moment when Alto Adige started being acknowledged as one of the most prestigious wine producing areas in Italty and in the world. I seized upon the chance to run directly the two family estates, located on the border between the two most famous small towns devoted to wine of our region, Castel Ringberg, overlooking Lake Caldaro, and Kastelaz, a steep hill, perfectly exposed southward, in the heart of Tramin, reference point of an area rich in vineyards with high intensity per hectare.

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  • Farnese


    It was the year 1582 when the princess Margherita of Austria, daughter of the Emperor Carlo V and wife of Ottavio Farnese, purchased for 52000 ducats the town of Ortona. Fascinated by the healthy air and the splendid lands decided immediately to build a palace on the seaside to pass long periods of rest. “Marghareta”, that’s how she loved being called, gave her lands of Abruzzi a great boost to produce refined wines, soon appreciated soon in the banquets of the main European courts. And, as a sign of gratitude for who has made them famous in the world, the farmers have maintained the Farnese name of the wines. 

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  • La Malva Rosa

    The taste of Italian tradition

    Malva Rosa originates from the experience of artisans producing sauces, starters and egg pasta.

    With care and choice of selected raw materials, passion for good cuisine, research of old traditions, revival of the old recipes of the cuisine of Piedmont and Liguria, conveyed with simplicity and packed with passion, Malva Rosa rediscovers a genuine cuisine, formerly called “poor” but with recovered flavours and perfumes of fresh, preserved in a great olive oil, known as the only preservative before the discovery of the modern chemical agents.

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  • Manzone Giovanni

    Giovanni Manzone is in Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont, and makes wine only from property grapes. The whole production is focused on high quality and limited to about 50.000 bottles a year. The good altitude (400-450 metres above the sea level), the extreme slope of the vineyeards and the fantastic territoir favour a natural low production of grapes; this way originate wines accessible even to youths but that stay among the most concentrate and long-living of the Barolo area.

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  • Mongioia - Marco Bianco

    Marco Bianco, Iliana and their son Riccardo, oenologist, run a small farm in Valdivilla (in province of Cuneo), a mild hill among Langhe, 400m high. The view is wonderful, a succession of wonderful vineyards and woods as far as the eye can see. This is the area of Moscato and Marco Bianco definitely is among the best ones.Here the Muscat is produced by vocation, naturally. If you still have in mind “a certain idea of Moscato”, it is time to change it. The meticulous research for an ancient oenological technique, orally bequeathed, the deep respect for themusts’ natural features, the rigour in selecting the grapes, have given the Muscat back its true identity.

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  • Salumificio don Vincenzo

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  • TartufLanghe

    “Tartuflanghe” was founded in 1975, not only from an idea but also from of a culinary experience started in the ‘50s, when my husband Beppe was chef on cruise ships and later of the “da Beppe” restaurant, started by us between 1967 and 1982. Set in the heart of the town of Alba, our restaurant was recommended by the Michelin guide as benchmark in Piedmont for the lovers of mushroom and truffle cuisine. Tartuflanghe, thus, originated combining our inspiration with the wide baggage of gained experience, that some years ago we started to bequeath to our sons Stefania and Paolo.

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  • Tenuta Argentiera

    Antica Tenuta di Donoratico, belonged to the florentine family Serristori. In the Etruscan era in the plateau of the Tenuta plateau there were channels, natural springs and silver mines from which the name Argentiera, that made the area an important mining and agricultural centre. Nowadays the Tenuta is a joint property of the Fratini brothers, Corrado and Marcello. The property has always paid particular attention to this fascinating place, exalting in all ways the nature of a land particularly suitable for the production of great red wines.

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  • Vitas

    Our reality has roots well planted in the long family tradition. Roberto Vitas, 40-year-old today, has run the farm for more than 15 years following a tradition bequeathed from father to son for 4 generations. Its young and dynamic management has given a further boost to a family farm that has just gone beyond its first 100 years of activity. Arisen in Trieste at the beginning of the20th century as wine-trade in Porto Franco, by purchasing the farm in 1937, the family has devoted itself only to a niche production through a long work to improve the vineyards.

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