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It was the year 1582 when the princess Margherita of Austria, daughter of the Emperor Carlo V and wife of Ottavio Farnese, purchased for 52000 ducats the town of Ortona. Fascinated by the healthy air and the splendid lands decided immediately to build a palace on the seaside to pass long periods of rest. “Marghareta”, that’s how she loved being called, gave her lands of Abruzzi a great boost to produce refined wines, soon appreciated soon in the banquets of the main European courts. And, as a sign of gratitude for who has made them famous in the world, the farmers have maintained the Farnese name of the wines. 

Still nowadays the noble Farnese is obtained by the same vineyards, set on the suggestive valley of the river Moro, on the Northern side, enjoying a great exposure to the sun. The mountain massif of Maiella, 3000 metres high, here is only 30km far from the sea, creating the conditions for an ideal temperature range to produce high-breeding grapes.

Farnese “nowadays”

At Farnese we know how important is to achieve all the ambitious goals that we set by patient work without breaks and compromises leaving time, professionality and perseverance  realize our dreams. Only this way we can obtain hig-quality wines and in the Farnese wines there is all the generous freshness of new and creative energies where, however, history, memory and traditions stay sound and constant benchmarks  of a present that builds the future day after day. When tasted a wine expresses the knowledge, the history, the art and the culture of the land that has produced it, for this, in Farnese, we don’t love contenting and when the passion takes over our refined wines become rich even in an incomparable quality-price ratio and are ready to excite the most demanding consumers of all over the world.

Where the Farnese wines have chosen to rest and grow

Recovering and restoring Castle Caldora of Ortona, made by medieval and 15th-century structures, revised and enlarged in the 19-20th century, it is an operation that originates from a business strategy of Farnese to increase its visibility and prestige equipping itself with an ancient seat.

Our wines age

The refined Farnese wines, fruit of the best grapes coming from the Farneto Valley Estate and from other relevant plants from Abruzzi, complete their growth also in the splendid cellars of Castello Caldora, a structure whose restoration we have looked after to grant continuity to a wine and historic tradition vital for Ortona, assuring the Farnese wines a suitable ageing to the prestige that makes them leaders on the international markets.

Where the Farnese grapes are cultivated and gow

Our vineyards are set on the heights of the province of Chieti and Teramo and both the owned and the rental part are contantly controlled by two agronomists that look after all the processing phases to obtain grapes of excellent quality. The yields per hectare never overcome those established by the procedural guidelines and in many cases they are lowered with proper thinnings to allow to obtain grapes of great concentration.

  1. Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC 2011

    Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC 2011


    Special Price: 6,00 €

    A wine of great quality-price ratio. Deep cherry-red. Intense, persistent and fruity scent. Mid-structured, intense, balanced and with a good persistence. Learn More

  2. Edizione 12 Cinque Autoctoni

    Edizione 12 Cinque Autoctoni


    Special Price: 24,00 €

    A wine showing how a great wine can be made from the huge heritage of native vines. A blend that turns into a dark but bright ruby-red in the wine glass. Learn More

  3. Edizione Grappa dei cinque autoctoni (

    Edizione Grappa dei cinque autoctoni...


    Special Price: 36,30 €

    Obtained from the steam-distillation of the chosen marc of the 5 native vines used for the wine Edition: Montepulciano, Primitivo, Sangiovese, Negroamaro and Malvasia Rossa Learn More

  4. Sale
    Fable of the month 1

    Fable of the month 1


    Regular Price: 72,00 €

    Special Price: 64,80 €

    Five-Native Edition – “… the rebirth of the native wine that at the Farneses time gave Italy prestige” Learn More

  5. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2012

    Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2012


    Special Price: 6,00 €

    Wine with a great quality/price ratio. Intense scent, quite persistent. A full-bodied wine, rightly tannic and well-balanced, quite intense and persistent Learn More

  6. OPI Chardonnay-Pecorino Terre di Chieti 2011

    OPI Chardonnay-Pecorino Terre di...


    Special Price: 17,00 €

    Wine fermented in barrique seeking the extreme exaltation of fruit and elegance. Full-bodied, very balanced, an intense wine with a persistent roasted note, of refined quality. Learn More

  7. Pecorino Casale Vecchio IGT 2011

    Pecorino Casale Vecchio IGT 2011


    Special Price: 11,00 €

    The Pecorino is a vine native of Abruzzi. The name comes from the bunch’s form, very small, reminding of a sheep. Straw-yellow with greenish reflections. Learn More

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    The month fable 2

    The month fable 2


    Regular Price: 141,00 €

    Special Price: 126,90 €

    Five-Native Edition – “… the rebirth of the native wine that at the Farneses time gave Italy prestige” Learn More

  9. Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC 2011

    Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC 2011


    Special Price: 6,05 €

    A wine with a great quality-price ratio. Clear deep straw-yellow. A full-bodied wine, quite balanced, intense and persistent. Learn More