Right of withdrawal


According to art. 5 LD 185/1999, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to account for it and without any penalty.

To exercise this right, the customer must send SPS srl a communication in 10 working days from the day of the products’ delivery. On the communication the customer must specify the goods for which he wants to exercise his right of withdrawal.

This communication must be sent by registered mail with advice of receipt addressed to:

SPS srl

Via Cornelia, 69

Blocco 2 II piano

00166 Roma (Roma)

As an alternative, it can be moved up by telegram or fax to +39 06 6243509, always within the above-mentioned 10-day deadline and followed by a confirmation by registered mail with notice of receipt. Once the communication of withdrawal has been received, SPS srl will transmit to the customer the instructions on the methods to return the wares that must reach our warehouses in 10 days from the authorization.

However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

1. The right is applied to the purchased good in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal only on part of the purchased product.

2. The shipment costs to return the product are at the customer’s expense; this is required by the law.

3. The wares travel under the customer’s complete responsibility from the customer’s shipping to the certification of reception in our warehouse. SPS srl does not account for the damage or theft/loss of the returned goods with non-guaranteed shipments.

4. In case of good’s damage during the transport, SPS srl will transmit to the client the fact (in 5 working days from the reception of the good in its warehouses) to let him report the courier chosen by him and to get the refund of the good’s value (if insured). In this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return;  this contextually cancels the request of withdrawal.

SPS srl will refund the client the whole already paid amount in 30 days from the wares’ return by procedure of transfer of the amount charged on the credit card or by means of bank transfer. In this last case, it will be the customer’s concern to provide the bank details on which receiving the refund (IBAN code and similar data)


The right of withdrawal declines totally for the good’s lack of the fundamental condition of integrity (confection and/or its content), in cases in which SPS srl verifies:

1- The lack of the external confection and/or of the packaging containing the purchased product.

2 – The damage of the good due to reasons different from its transport.


In case the right of withdrawal declines for the above-mentioned reasons, SPS srl will provide for the return to the sender of the purchased good, charging him for the shipment costs.