The goods will be shipped by express courier with home delivery; the purchased goods are sent to the destination address specified by the Customer in the order form.

The shipment society used by SPS srl is BARTOLINI.

The Customer can request the goods’ delivery to a person of his choice, thus different from him.

The goods will be delivered from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00.

The calculated delivery times are 2-4 working days from the reception and confirmation of the order and from the certification of the payment (in case of bank transfer) except for possible delay attributed to the courier.

For the goods temporarily missing from the SPS srl warehouse, the due delivery time is explicitly specified.

SPS srl will send the Customer a confirmation email once the goods have been shipped with the specified shipment’s tracking number through which it will be possible to view, on the courier website, the shipment’s state.

In any case, except for cases of force majeure or fortuitous ones, according to the Customers Code the goods will be delivered in maximum 30 days starting from the day after that in which the Customer has sent the order to SPS srl, unless SPS srl doesn’t communicate – within the same deadline, by email – the  impossibility to deliver the ordered wares due to their, even temporary, turned-up unavailability. In case of this communication, SPS srl will provide for the refund of the amounts possibly already paid by the Customer for the supply.


In case the Customer wishes to cancel the order against a communication of a delay in the delivery date from SPS srl,  the possible already-paid amount will be refunded as soon as possible, however not later than 30 days starting from the day after that in which the Customer sent SPS srl the order.

To all orders made on WOM.eatfromitaly, SPS srl issues an invoice or a tax receipt of the shipped wares, sending it through email or postal service to the order’s holder, under the D.P.R. 445/2000 and the D.Lgs. 52/2004.

For the issue of the invoice or tax receipt the information provided by the Customer at the order shall be relevant. No variation of the invoice or tax receipt  will be possible after it is issued. If the tax code is not specified the tax receipt will be issued, otherwise the invoice will be issued.

SPS srl is charged for the shipment costs of orders of an amount higher than 100€ on the Italian territory except for the uncomfortable areas; however  the possible shipment costs and all the details are better specified in the dedicated paragraph below; and, however, they are always explicitly specified in the order form (trolley).




SPS srl uses a packing system of wares that grants their safe transport; in particular for the wine, the packing system used is EWINE SECURE PACK © (SECURE BOX for BRT).




For the delivery of the wares it is necessary the presence of the Customer or of the person appointed by him at the address of the addressee specified in the order.

It is possible to request the delivery service by appointment. In case of delivery by appointment the courier will get in touch with the Customer on the telephone number provided during the purchase phase to set the delivery time in the following 24 hours. In case of delivery by appointment an additional cost is considered whose amount is explicitly reported on the purchase order.

At the moment of delivery, the Customer must verify the number and scrupulously control the appearance of the packages. If:

The number of packages doesn’t correspond to that specified on the waybill or on the accompanying invoice or on the transport document;

The shipment packaging shows signs of alterations or deformations that can make presume any damage or alteration of the content;

The client will be able to reject the delivery or, as an alternative, accept it signing the delivery note with the caption “with reservation xxxxxx” where xxxxxx can be, for example, “due to tampered package” or “wet package” in order to be able to control the content of the shipment and make sure of the good state of the goods. In case one or more goods are not in perfect conditions because they were damaged during the transport, the Customer will have to tip off SPS srl sending a photo of the damaged good. SPS srl will provide, at its expense and in the shortest time possible, for the replacement of the damaged goods or, if this is not possible, for the refund of the customer.

Once signed the courier document, the Customer won’t be able to protest for the external features as well as for the delivered package.

At the moment of the delivery, the signature of a person older than 18 years old will be necessary. The deliveries will be made only to physical addresses; therefore all the deliveries to post-office boxes are excluded.




SPS srl sends the wares throughout the Italian territory, including the uncomfortable areas and the islands, by express courier. The goods are all packed properly so that they won’t be damaged during the transport; the packing cost is included in the price.

The shipment costs are clearly specified on WOM.eatfromitaly and explicitly reported on the order. Except for a different indication of gratuity (for orders overcoming the import values threshold) or discounted price, explicitly reported on the order, the shipment costs are those specified on the order form (trolley).

About the abroad deliveries, the wares’ prices are those reported on WWW.eatfromitaly.COM; about the shipment costs and possible import costs (for example excise taxes), please contact SPS srl at




The COD payment of the wares is provided only for the orders of an amount not higher than 300,00€. The COD payment is in cash to the courier at the moment of the wares’ delivery. The courier is allowed to accept only cash, therefore he won’t accept cheques or other means of payment. Choosing the COD payment requires a fixed additional cost of 4€. The COD shipment is possible only in Italy.




In case the delivery is not possible due to the absence of the addressee, the courier will leave a notice and, however, he will try the delivery at least twice more without additional costs. After the second delivery attempt, the goods will be stocked in the courier’s warehouses. In case of failed delivery, SPS srl will contact the Customer to verify the accuracy of the delivery data.

Therefore, the order will be delivered again.

The orders that don’t reach their destination at the first delivery after the customer’s wrong communication of the delivery address, they will be stored in the courier’s warehouses. SPS will contact the customer to verify the accuracy of the delivery address. The order, thus, will be delivered again with an additional cost of 8€ to the shipment cost.

Therefore, the customer is asked to tip off a possible change of delivery address, or of absence, by email to or by telephone at the number 06 6243509.

The confirmation of the order is binding for all legal purposes, therefore it is impossible to cancel and order.