About us

eatfromitaly – “Scents, colours, flavours, sensations that from the earth reach the heart”.


We are a group of professionals and, even before, of lovers of good flavour, of good wine, of good cuisine, of respect for Italian wine-and-food tradition.


We have selected the wines and the typical products that stand for the excellence of Italian areas, that enhance the value of our several artisan realities of high level, that have a proper quality-price ratio.


We are sure that a welfare revolution is in operation and we want to contribute to it. Everyone’s welfare lies in a proper and healthy diet; we are sure that it is necessary to drink and eat less but consciously, with the highest respect for the product’s quality and taste.

Drinking consciously. Eating consciously. The Italian wine-and-food tradition originates from excellent small and medium farms, from artisans that dedicate all their mastery and time to produce products of quality. From artisans able to produce in an ethically sustainable way.

We select goods of quality at the proper price; but what is quality in our opinion, in Eat from Italy’s opinion?

A healthy area, an area suitable to that kind of cultivation or breeding are the base of a good product, of a good bunch of grapes; the mastery of the artisan and of the farm allow to turn the great raw materials into a good product, into an exciting wine, into a memorable wine, into a wine to be tasted. And, finally, a production attentive to costs, that dedicates its resources more to production and name than to advertising and fame, allows to show a product that combines a correct price to the product’s quality.

We have looked and still look for products representing well our philosophy. Native vines, international vines, great areas such as Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli, Franciacorta, Sicily, Campania, Puglia, great wines such as Moscato, Barbera, Barolo, Brunello, Chianti, Greco di Tufo, Negroamaro, Aglianico, Nero d’ Avola… but the list is much longer because Italy owns a great variety of areas, of products, of vines, each one with its typical features that artisans know how enhance.

The value of “Made in Italy” is a reality that should be valued more; nowadays much more than its half is not really produced in Italy, and among the Italian one not everything is worthy.

It’s hard to choose the right goods; nobody proposes his goods saying that they are not of quality; and a high price is not the incontrovertible evidence that the product is healthy and good.

Of course, this counts also for eatfromitaly; we have thought much about how to transmit, besides by words, our conviction of having made a good selection among more and less famous artisans with the central idea of quality. Precise informations, pictures of the product, offers and discounts in order to encourage you to taste for the first time…sure that then it will become a relationship of great respect and satisfaction. Because finally we are sure that drinking and eating well is good.


Drinking a good glass of wine, tasting a good course mustn’t be used only to feed oneself or, even worse, to take too many calories often with a low nutritional content, but it must be a moment of both body and mind’s welfare. Tasting a good glass of wine can make us feel “Scents, colours, flavours, sensations that from the earth reach the heart”.

We hope to have conveyed you at least 14 good reasons to taste with eatfromitaly.